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     ShowLive SFX is a full-service Special Effects Company offering everything from programming, design, Pre-Viz to all Laser, Pyro, Atmospheric and Custom effects. ShowLive was started by industry professionals Cole Bibler and Hayden Hale who have both spent over 15 years in live production and helping design large tours and shows.

     Hayden Hale comes from a large touring / electrical and programming background which includes tours such as Taylor Swift, Drake, Chris Brown, Kid Rock, and many more, as well as being the first employee of the laser software giant Pangolin.  Cole Bibler also comes from a large touring background which includes tours such as Beyonce, Marilyn Manson, Paul McCartney, TSO and many more all while holding a degree in Music business and Production.  

     ShowLive SFX Headquarters is placed in Northwest Arkansas near Bentonville, AR allowing themselves to be a centrally located vendor to the industry saving shipping cost for many clients and allowing for a large testing facility.  ShowLive is a company that is built by Touring professionals and thrives on hiring experienced live production and touring personnel, we understand what it's like to be on tour and the logistics and relationships. This helps us and our clients work hand in hand and understand each other when touring across the globe.

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